Jolie Jones: “Montalcino, I feel finally at home”

Jolie Jones e Bejinhos
Jolie Jones e Bejinhos

She’s Jolie Jones Levine and is the daughter of Quincy Delight Jones Jr., a distinguished arranger, conductor, record producer, composer and social activist of international renown U.S. She is fall in love with Montalcino and its people and has decided to “stop” and settle in Sant’Angelo in Colle. In an interview with MontalcinoNews explains the reason for such a radical choice. “I came to Tuscany for a birthday holiday ..a gift from my father in October 2010. I stayed in an agriturism in Maremma because it was one of the only places to stay that i could find without wireless (or so i thought). I am electromagnetic and radiofrequency hypersensitive…and i am severely affected by cellphones ,wireless, cell towers and powerlines. I am like a little antenna, i attract and feel all the waves. I have improved tremendously since it’s onset 4 years ago but … what can i say. From Maremma, i did day trips to different places; Firenze, Fiesole, Chianti, Sovana, Sorrano, Città di Castello, Pienza … many places. When i came to Montalcino i had a special feeling, a pull on my soul. An unusual sensation came over me when i visited Sant’Antimo, a feeling of never wanting to leave. During a chant i felt something very familiar but could not quite place the feeling”. Jolie Jones, after his first trip in Tuscany says: “i left a little piece of my heart in Montalcino and went back to the east coast of America,  Vermont. I had recently rented a house there in a very secluded area near where my horse was stabled. Hoping it would be a safe haven for me and my sensitivies, but it was not. I ended up being too near a powerline going through the woods near me. In February of 2011, i could not take it anymore and i decided to come back to Montalcino and explore the possibilities of a life here. I ended up in the sweetest little village in the entire world, Sant Angelo in Colle. I love it..and all the people in my little new family there. I have a little apartment  and the people both in Montalcino and my sweet Sant’Angelo have embraced me so tenderly and i am so gratefull. Montalcino and Sant’Angelo in Colle is where i hope to stay and bring my children and “nipotini” to visit their Nonna … and do my art.When I graduated high school after years of doing was my intention to go to art school in Europe life will have it sometimes….i got married and made my first masterpiece named Donovan….my first son. 5 years later – had my second son named Sunny. My best creations!

But how spends his days Jolie Jones?

“Now…..I have been blessed with a second opportunity to study my art in Firenze during the week and come home to Sant Angelo Montalcino on the weekends. I am studying old masters style drawing and painting…and it feels so good. I am hoping now with my new skills developed to be able to write and illustrate my own children’s books. I have written and published a children’s book with Harper Collins Publishers / Julie Andrew’s Collection called Little Kisses. Instead of the one, who have left Montalcino, and Italy, to live and work in another country, Jolie decided to settle here: “I still haven’t found the place to live completely free of electromagnetic and radiofrequency waves but i know soon … someone will call and say ” Jolie, i have the perfect safe little house in the country with a garden for you” hopefully between my two favorite places in the whole world…between sweet Sant Angelo and elegant Montalcino proper. Everyday I am here my soul takes a deep breath and says thank you for finally getting me home!”.

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