Alessandra Angelini and Dominga Cotarella among the top 100 influential women by Forbes

Every year Forbes, the most important magazine in the world for rankings, entrepreneurial leadership, economic culture, sport and lifestyle, publishes the list of the most influential protagonists of the global business community. For the sixth consecutive year Forbes Italia selected the 100 successful women of 2023. Among those, there are two names for Montalcino: Alessandra Angelini for Altesino and Caparzo estates and Dominga Cotarella for the Famiglia Cotarella estate of which she is the managing director and owns Le Macioche winery in Montalcino. Two important families for the world of Italian wine and especially in Montalcino are considered among the most renowned wineries. The Angelini family owned Caparzo in 1988 and Altesino in 2001, of which Alessandra Angelini is CEO. More recent is the acquisition of the Le Macioche winery of Dominga Cotarella who kicks off her first harvest in 2017. It is an honour and pride for the territory of Montalcino to read the names of Angelini and Cotarella among the top 100 women this year.