The Expanding Legacy of the Sieges in Montalcino

Brunello in addition to its countryside and location bestow a priceless distinction on Montalcino; a coveted territory and place that is subject to investments by multinational companies and “moneybags” from all over the world. This is the Montalcino of today and always. In a strategic position that rises up between Monte Amiata and the Maremma, it is an important and sought-after crossroads which, for centuries, saw Montalcino as a battleground for domination over the territory where a steady stream of peoples, ethnicities and different cultures passed through. It was over the centuries from the year 1200 to 1600 that saw no less than five sieges and other battles which gave Montalcino its open and cosmopolitan semblance that continues to this day through Brunello and its worldwide prestige.


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