Montalcino: the 700 million euro brand

Made-in-Italy symbols prevail the world over also thanks to their image, and there is one territory, Montalcino, whose image and visibility of its Brunello brand counts for 700 million euros. An estimate, requested by Montalcinonews, from the Market Research Office of the Monza Chamber of Commerce in Brianza states just that. Only sixteen years ago, the Bocconi University of Milan valued the “brand” at 500 billion Lire. From the safeguarding of traditions to the foreign capital secured in Montalcino, from the protection of the landscape to technological investments, the last thirty years have been a development opportunity for the entire territory and the premise for the creation of reputable mechanisms which competitively go head to head with the market also thanks to the unflappable link that exists between Brunello and its territory made up of history, culture, countryside, innovation and respect for its roots.


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