Less Bureaucracy to Export Brunello

The Minister of Agriculture, Food and Forestry policies has recently published a memo based on which the Fraud Prevention Inspectorate now allows producers to transport wine to Italian customs offices with documents that are valid throughout the national territory: a step forward towards longed-for bureaucratic simplification. Italian wine can be accompanied until the customs office with Italian transport documents and wineries, therefore also Montalcino wineries, will not have to produce useless double documentation, which was the case until today. Export documents will be prepared directly at the customs office, also together for more or different products, with sensible savings of time and money for businesses that export. “Supporting exports is a goal which we must pursue even with measures like this one,” says Minister of Agricultural Policies Martina. Hence economic and labor savings for Brunello producers, who owe a great deal of their profits to exports, benefitting the brand which acquires more and more renown, celebrity and prestige with every passing day the world over.


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