Attractive, eternal, complicated. Women love Brunello

Women love Brunello di Montalcino because it is a wine for special occasions (60%), symbol of timeless beauty, eternal, like an elixir of youth (20%), and complicated, like a man that one cannot help but love (20%). This is a portrayal of the women who prefer Brunello di Montalcino and elect it as symbol of the world of all things “Made in Italy”, ambassador of what it means to be Italian and of the Italian lifestyle, alongside the big luxury and fashion brands that have made Italy famous. The MontalcinoNews is the bearer of this information, having carried out a survey into why “Women prefer Brunello” during Montalcino’s most important international appointment with the wine world, Benvenuto Brunello. According to 60% of those with a passion for great wine, Brunello di Montalcino is the ideal wine to serve on special occasions, anniversaries, dinners with friends, celebrations and birthdays. According to the women interviewed by the MontalcinoNews, Brunello is their favourite celebratory wine because it is just as good for having fun with a “merry band” of friends and relatives (50%), as it is for an intimate dinner for two, to contemplate as the “king” of Sangiovese and of love (50%). But Tuscany’s most blazoned red wine is also seen as an eternal wine, a sort of elixir. This is an evocative image perceived by women and interpreted in their thoughts of Brunello as a wine with a long cellar life (60%), also because it offers the chance, thanks to its long history, to choose and serve their favourite vintage (40%), perhaps that made in the year one of their children was born or of an important anniversary. More complex and intriguing, however, is the reason given by 20% of women, who love Brunello because it is a complicated wine. And here, in the answers given by the fairer sex, reference is made to “attentive tasting”, the “pleasure of complexity” and, also, to the affinity of Brunello with the image they have of something “attractive but impossible”, like a charmer, who has already seen and sampled everything, set on a pedestal, and who, with just a single glance, sends “a real electric shock” through them.