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hours from monday to thursday 9.00-12.00/14.00-16.00; friday 9.00-12.00/14.00-15.00

groups max 25

languages Italian, English, German, French

saturday yes, on request

sunday yes, on request

pay yes

Camigliano in the past was certainly inhabited by the Etruscans who followed the course of the Ombrone River from the coastal Maremma area. It then became quite an important hamlet in the late medieval period, passing from ecclesiastical to the secular hegemony represented by the presence of some noble families of Siena and later becoming an outpost of Montalcino, joining in the fight to defend republican freedom in the middle of the 16th century.
The winery, which was purchased by Walter Ghezzi in 1957, a courageous and enterprising businessman from Milan with a passion for Tuscany, has undergone an intense and radical improvement in recent years with arrival of son Gualtiero: the new vineyards have been brought to their full potential (today 530ha of which 93 are cultivated with vines) at an altitude of 300-350masl, the new underground cellar was built, and the vinification practices and unconditional care for the territory, in which he has invested energy and enthusiasm, have been renewed.
The vineyards, organic since 2017, have been chosen through a careful analysis of the terrain and clonal selection by agronomic experts coming from the Agrarian University of Perugia.

address • Camigliano - Via d'Ingresso n. 2 - 53024 - Montalcino (Siena)

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phone • 0577844068 / 0577816061

Fax • 0577816040

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