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The history of the Bellarina Company in Montalcino began in the nineties, but can be traced back a lot before.
It all began with Luano Niccolai, a Tuscan businessman in the branch of industry, who in 1968 decided to return to the origins of his family, always linked to the agricultural tradition, investing in the territories of Montalcino.
Bellarina is a small farm of 5.5 hectares at an altitude of about 360 m above sea level.The lands, mostly clayey, look at Mount Amiata, the sacred mountain for the Etruscan people, while the suggestive valley below is the one of the river Orcia. The vineyards are divided into two parcels, the so-called "high vineyard", which gives a full-bodied wine like the Brunello Riserva and the "low vineyard" will be produced, which gives an elegant and delicate Brunello wine, very drinkable. The production is about 1.5 kg per vine, the harvest is manual in small aerated boxes, the selection of the grapes is accurate and scrupulous.
The production is about 6.000 bottles per year of Brunello, while for the Rosso di Montalcino is about 12.000 bottles. Only in the excellent harvests the Brunello Riserva will come out, but with a very limited number of bottles.

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