Montalcino, the “general state” of the history of farm culture

Researchers and students from the top Italian and European Universities come to Montalcino every year for the “general state” of the history of farm culture: the international Workshop on Farm History that each year between August and September draws the top experts of the sector. It is a real think tank dedicated to the farm world and for the occasion Montalcino becomes a high level cultural hub. It is important that companies and institutions continue to believe and invest in the farm world because it is only in retrospect that we can understand and interpret the dynamics of the present and the future. The Workshop is closely linked to the “Center for Studies in the history of the countryside and farming”, based in Montalcino and founded in 1997 by Massimo Montanari, one of the most important scholars in the history of food in the world, Alfio Cortonesi, professor of Medieval History at the University of Tuscia, and Raffaele Licinio, professor at the University of Bari. Around this center, there is a link of medievalists who have developed a joint research and training project.

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