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The company Vasco Sassetti has produced wines since the early 900, with the new corporate structure in 1985, the date set by Vasco has set to work only in the segment of high quality, producing only wine bottle, hence the decision to use a winemaker, with him to restructure the existing vineyards on that date, only four acres, with planting density of about 3,000 strains have. but above all look for new land to set up systems that are currently with 5,000 plants per hectare, for a total area is 15. The philosophy of work is mainly aimed at producing high quality grapes, hence the way the winemaker Claudio Gori began with Vasco, how to maximize the potential of the area, but above all respect for a variety of productivity so important but hard as Sangiovese. The search continues in each year of the plot that offers the best features for the Brunello Riserva, but how to set the right before pruning to avoid large-scale intervention on the vegetation in summer, or try to interpret than the expression of their vineyards in the area. The harvest each time a challengeChallenge mainly to poor weather in early October that often turns to rain, but the company is perfectly ripe grapes require and to do that often affect the second half of October, but always to have the maximum expression of the mature fruit of Sangiovese Is the best cherry cherry red wine.The most important thing is the fact Vasco Sassetti separate vinification and always leave all the particles of vines at the point of cutting the final bottling, and in this way, we exploit the smell of Bella Vista vineyard with the most important structures of Colombaiolo, the Fraschetta fragrances and Pianacci. In places the Pianacci year 2004 ends and the new functional units in the cellar where a single structure for three-quarters underground, they develop all the functions from receipt of the grapes and their selection, bottling and shipping of the bottles.Essentially the company with its simplicity has the desire and strength to draw from the territory of the maximum expression of Sangiovese grapes, in time, even with the knowledge of local elders.

address • Castelnuovo Abate - 53024 - Montalcino (Siena)

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