Benvenuto Brunello: a dream tasting but also an opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful territories in Italy

A dream tasting, but also a unique opportunity to discover one of the most beautiful wine territories in Italy, among masterpieces of art, gastronomic treasures and postcard landscapes. Benvenuto Brunello, the preview presentation of the new vintages by the Consorzio del Brunello scheduled from 11th to 21 th November (here the information and how to purchase tickets) is the opportunity to visit Montalcino. Starting from the place where the tastings will be held, the Sant’Agostino complex, which houses the Brunello Temple, an immersive and emotional journey to discover one of the most famous red wines in the world, and the civic and diocesan museum, which collects the artistic heritage of Montalcino with precious paintings of the Sienese school and masterpieces of sacred art.

The city of Montalcino itself is a sort of open-air museum, with the fourteenth-century Fortress from which you can admire a panorama that has remained almost intact over the centuries, the majestic Town Hall and the medieval alleys in which to get lost, among postcard views and shops craftsmanship.

Just outside Montalcino you cannot miss a visit to the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, founded according to legend by the emperor Charlemagne. Between wine bars, bistros and restaurants, there are endless opportunities to discover the local cuisine, which boasts an extraordinary diversity: from honey to saffron, from oil to white truffles.