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Il Colle was founded in 1972 when the notary Alberto Carli bought the medieval house and 11 hectares of land. Immediately he plant the first three hectares of Brunello and 2 of olive groves.
The first Brunello del Colle is from 1978.
Since 1998 the hectares of vineyards have become 8, of which 3 in the north-east side (Loc. Il Colle) and 5 in the south-east side (Loc. Podernovo dei Campi); both Rosso and Brunello are a blend of the grapes of the two vineyards, thus achieving a perfect balance.
The production method moves from the choice of a traditional procedure and a strict manual selection of the grapes in the belief that the wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar.
The fermentations are all natural and the wine ages in large Slavonian oak barrels of 30 and 50 hl.
The annual production is about 25,000 bottles.

address • Loc. Il Colle 102/b - 53024 - Montalcino (Siena)

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phone • 0577848295 / 338 6209451

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