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Le Ragnaie winery extends over 28 hectres in the county of Montalcino which is located in the Province of Siena. Our land is coltivated with vines and olive groves and we follow the guidelines for Organic Agriculture.
Our vineyards are divided into three distinct parcels of land throughout Montalcino which allows us to produce three diverse ‘terroirs’ of Brunello:
We have the distinct fortune of being able to coltivate our vines in three diverse microclimates in Montalcino. This allows us to offer three different types of Brunello each a testament to the land it was grown in.
Our vines are 100% Sangiovese and are worked following the strict guidelines of organic agriculture: we do not use any chemicals with the exception ofa bordeux mixture and powdered sulfur, always staying within the limits set by the guidelines of the biological agriculture association.
We do not use fertilizer instead we plant covercrops which in the Fall. These plants consist of legumes, clovers and grasses.
This covercrop helps to regenerate the land after a long summer season of work. They also aid in enriching the organic substance of the land all the while penetrating deeply the roots of the various planted species.
Moreover the diversity of plants in the vineyard prevents superficial erosion and instead favors the absorption of water and creates an important habitat for many species of animals and insects.
This process guarantees the formation of an ecosystem full of life which is essential to the health of the vines.
It also ensures that any all of the grapes that are made into wine are of the highest quality. The musts are then placed in cement vats to begin the maceration and fermentation process.
They willmremain in these vats for anywhere from 25 to 40 days.
Next they are pressed and placed in barrels. We use 25hl to 98hl slovenian oak barrels in this process. The length of time that the wine remains in the barrel varies.
The Rosso di Montalcino stays for 24 months in the barrel and we use barrels of various dimensions for this wine. The IGT Roso Toscana Troncone stays 12 month in big slavonian barrels.
The Brunello di Montalcino rests for 36-48 months in 25hl Slovanian Oak Barrels. Next the wine is bottled where it rests in a temperature and humidity controlled environment until it is ready to be put on the market.

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