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The Martini family is one of the oldest in the city of Montalcino; since long time ago generations have followed bringing various members of the family to perform the farmer profession, many times outside Montalcino, often in the nearby Maremma. Mastro Giovanni Martini is an example of this, who, in between the '800 and the '900, got to recruit up to 300 people to harvest grain in the Maremma plains, performing the work entirely by hand.
A farmer in great demand was Renato Martini, that thanks to his ability and dexterity was often called by land owners for pruning olives, grapes and orchards, working from Arezzo to San Giovanni d'Asso, and from Siena to the upper Maremma.

In spite of everything we never forgot our roots in Montalcino, since at least one of our family members always came back to the town, to take care of the land and to share the events of the city with the fellow citizens. Always interested in the events of the town, we never forgot to deepen our agricultural knowledge to take care of our lands.

Around 1980, the entrepreneur Giovanni Martini, deeply interested in viticulture, decided to buy some grapeyards and he too became a winemaker, reviving, as a family tradition, the passion and love for the land. Eventually, he leaves a wealth of experience to his son, Guido Martini, passed down through generations, which brings to life traditional products deeply connected to the land.
Our wines, produced in limited quantity, create a selection of products which isn't very wide, but of excellent quality, starting from our first selection of Brunello di Montalcino, to Rosso di Montalcino and the IGT Cuor di Botte, passing by a very limited production of red table wine.

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