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Since 1363, historical notes referring to “CONTRADA EL PETROSO” have documented vine cultivation and wine production on this estate not far from the old city walls of Montalcino. Poor soil, particularly rocky, as affirmed by the very name “Pietroso”, which means a place that is rich in stone, exceptionally suitable for viticulture.

It was winemaker Domenico Berni’s passion for the land and particularly for wine that inspired “DELFO”, as he was known, to start the present winery in the 1970s with the goal of producing a limited quantity of fine wines, Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino, following local winemaking traditions.
Today it is run attentively and with enthusiasm by his grandson, Gianni Pignattai, along with his son and wine technician, Andrea, in all phases of production, flanked by enologist Alessandro Dondi. Gianni’s wife, Cecilia, manages the business and administrative side, and daughter, Gloria, leads wine tours and tastings.

The approximately 4 hectares of vineyards cultivated exclusively with Sangiovese are located in three distinct zones among the most suitable in the Montalcino territory at different altitudes and positions resulting in a production of balanced wines even with differing climatic conditions. The terrain is cultivated respecting the environment and its integrity, and all labour related to production is manual. Many plots are on terracing held up by age-old dry-stone walls.

The cellar is at the main estate near Montalcino, just a few hundred meters from the centre and affords a splendid view overlooking the town, the Val d’Arbia, and the surrounding woods. The environment is essential and practical, organized in a simple and traditional way for the transformation of the grapes followed by the important step of ageing the wine in prestigious oak barrels, which gives the classic qualities of elegance and complexity to the final product.

Pietroso wines are typically expressive of the territory and the Sangiovese variety; classic colour, elegant aromas, excellent structure and complexity, wines to lay down.

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