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The Castello di Argiano
The Castle was built in 1200 AD, south of Montalcino, it is situated in the heart of one of the most renounded wine growing areas of Italy. The beautiful surrounding countryside has always been of both historic and strategic importance. To the south-east rises MONTE AMIATA, the highest mountain in Tuscany, sacred to the Etruscans as the seat to their major gods just like mount Olympus was for the Greeks. To the west blue ridges of the Colline Metallifere unfold almost to the sea forty miles away. Castello di Argiano rises above the valley of the river ORCIA, the natural and southern boundary of the ancient Republic of Siena. The Castello di Argiano is one of a chain of castles which served as watch towers, each within sight of the other, to the west Camigliano then Poggio aile Mura, Castello di Argiano and on to the east, Castel S.Angelo, Castelnuovo dell'Abate and Castello della Velona.
Originally an Etruscan settlement and later Roman, its name comes from, ARA-JANI, meaning the Altar of Janus. The Romans are known to have worshipped the Etruscan god Janus from 400 BC to 400 AD. He is depicted as the god of two faces looking to the past and the future. Janus gave his name to the month of January representing the year that passed and the new one to come. Today however it is a medieval hamlet, the oldest building of which is the PIEVE DI SAN PANCRAZIO an early 9th Century church, consecrated under the Cistercian monks of the Abbey of S.Antimo, to whom it belonged. The CANONICA, priest's house, built in 1790, together with two farmhouses, MALAFEDE and BUONAFEDE, dating back to the 15th Century, with the threshing barn and village bread oven, are grouped around the Piazza with its war memorial and towering pines. These in turn are clustered round the CASTLE and TOWER build in 1200 which is, to this day, still used as a landmark.
The Estate
This small estate consists of 102 hectares (254 acres) of land, of which nine hectares are planted to vineyards. The rest is given to olive groves grazing or woodland. The vineyards are in the enviable position of being on the southern slopes of Montalcino, where some of the most prestigious Brunello comes from.

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