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The Le Potazzine estate is located in the township of Montalcino in the Tuscan province of Siena; the property extends over 12.5 acres (five hectares) of vineyards officially registered to the Brunello di Montalcino appellation. Of this total, 8.75 acres (3.5 hectares) are situated at Le Prata in the southwestern part of the appellation at 1665 feet above level, while the additional 3.75 acres (1.5 hectares) are located at Sant’Angelo in Colle in the southern sector of Montalcino at 1377,95 feet (420 meters) above sea level.
The estate is immersed in an unspoiled natural setting and is surrounded by woods. The panorama it enjoys is a breathtaking one. From Le Prata the view, on a clear day, extends all the way to Siena to the north and the Maremma coastal area to the west. In this angle of paradise, where time simply does not exist, it is Nature which dictates the rules.
In former times, these hillside sub-zones of Montalcino were underestimated, “too high”, too complicated to cultivate and less remunerative.
Today climatic change has given them a new and special status and has demonstrated different characteristics compared to neighboring areas. “While other harvest in August, we wait until October” explains Gigliola Giannetti, the owner of the estate together with her daughter Viola and Sofia.
The light and cooling breezes favor pollination, prevent the buildup of humidity, and blow away bacteria and fungal diseases, preserving the healthiness of the vineyards. These conditions assist in avoiding the use of fungicides. The altitude, in addition, creates providential temperature swings from daytime heat to evening and nighttime coolness, indispensable for the production of great wine.
Here only the Sangiovese grape is cultivated, 2400 vines per acre (6000 vines per hectare) with very low yields (approximately 2.2 pounds (one kilogram) of grapes per plant. The crop is qualitatively superior, with fruit of important concentration and extract, the prerequisites for a long-lived, age-worthy wine of true character.

The cultivation and harvesting are done entirely by hand in order to fully control the integrity of the grape bunches, patiently waiting for the complete and perfect ripening of the grapes.
The zone is very breezy and endowed by significant daily temperature swings, ideal conditions for wines of true excellence.
Fermentation and aging methods are rigorously traditional. The fermentation lasts over a month and is spontaneous, created by native local yeasts without any subsequent control of fermentation temperatures.
The period of skin contact with the must is long, and the wine is then aged in medium-sized Slavonian oak casks, 800 to 1330 gallons (3000-5000 liters) in capacity, as time-tested local traditions require.
The estate is officially in a phase of conversion to organic agriculture but has always been cultivated with a complete respect for nature, avoiding products based on chemical synthesis, limiting human intervention to the minimum indispensable.
Respect for tradition, typicality, and the territory of Montalcino are the ingredients for obtaining a wine which is elegant, balanced, in peace with its surrounding environment, one of great character and indisputable typicality.

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