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The Tiezzi wine estate bears the name of its owner, Enzo Tiezzi, well-known Montalcino agronomist-oenologist who, since always, has overseen to viticulture and wine-making in the Siena area and in particular in the Montalcino’s, where for many years he has practiced the
activity of director, oenology consultant for important farming companies and executive, president of the Consortium of Brunello di Montalcino Wine.

During the ‘80s, dott. Tiezzi decided to become an entrepreneur and established the namesake company through the first purchase, the “Cerrino”, of the 3 farm units, which the current company is made up by, and some years later the estate Cigaleta. The love for the Montalcino history and search for the tradition has prompted Tiezzi to annex to the company the historical estate Soccorso.

The ancient and noble origins of the estate Soccorso are directly tied to the life of Prof. Riccardo Paccagnini, recently defined “a pioneer of the Brunello”, and among the first Montalcino citizens to oversee also its marketing; in fact, here in 1870, the first wine with the “Brunello” label is born, which obtains important recognitions in Rome, Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux. Many are the testimonials, awards and prizes won by the Brunello Soccorso in the 19th century, and displayed at the company facilities, as historical documents of fundamental importance.

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