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PRESS RELEASE 19 settembre 2013



Montalcino, 19th September 2013 – The Board of Directors of the Consortium of Brunello di Montalcino Wine has accepted Stefano Campatelli’s resignation from the office of Director of the Consortium. The resignation – effective as of 30th September 2013 – was submitted following discussions held with Mr Stefano Campatelli in the past weeks with the aim of determining whether there was still ground for pursuing our professional collaboration within the scope of an extensive functional and operational reorganisation.


The farewell letter sent by Stefano Campatelli reads: “after more than twenty-three years of continuous activity, the time has come for me to explore new professional challenges, and for the Consortium to define new organisational and operational set-ups. The years spent at the Consortium have been very important for my professional life and have opened the road to fulfilling, engaging and exciting experiences. Over these years, I have seen Montalcino develop and gain a prominent position on the international vine-growing and wine-making scene. I have also witnessed the growth of the territory as a natural consequence of the unrelenting wine-growing and producing activity, the key “driver” of Montalcino’s economy. As I prepare to take leave of the Consortium, I wish to thank all of you, all those with whom I have had the opportunity to interact, discuss and establish a relationship. I have learned with and from you”.


The Chairman of the Consortium, Mr Fabrizio Bindocci, has wanted to highlight that “after more than twenty-three years of close collaboration, Stefano Campatelli has decided to undertake new professional challenges with new incentives and objectives. I wish to enhance the high personal and professional esteem in which the Consortium partners and I have always held Stefano Campatelli, and express, on behalf of all associates, our deepest appreciation for his passion and commitment to his office. Over these years of shared endeavours, the image and reputation of Brunello wine, the Consortium and the territory of Montalcino have grown on an international scale also owing to Stefano Campatelli’s competence and the work of the structure headed by him. We wish him continued success in all his future projects. In the past few days, the Consortium has started looking for a professional with the skills required to pursue Stefano Campatelli’s work and strengthen the Consortium’s role in supporting its associates on a national and international level”.