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The digitalisation of the territory: a new frontier of promotion



The Consorzio del vino Brunello di Montalcino is launching a new App called “Brunello”, presented for the Consortium’s 50th anniversary during the meeting with the founder of “Vivino”, Heini Zachariassen


The App can be downloaded for free from the homepage of the Consortium’s website The Consortium wanted to create the new “Brunello” App in order to provide aficionados, interested people in general and tourists alike with a new tool with which to discover the Montalcino territory.


Presented during the Consortium’s 50th anniversary celebrations, the App provides detailed information on the estates, the vineyards, the types of wine produced as well as other information useful for discovering this area in Central Italy.


With our commitment to support this project – commented Consortium’s Chairman Patrizio Cencionithe Consortium confirms its willingness to support, enhance and stimulate the growth of tourism in Montalcino. Brunello is a crucial driving force that pushes this territory towards continuous growth in terms of tourism and recent years’ figures prove that we are on the right track”.


In 2016 only, Montalcino’s tourism flow recorded a 20% increase in presences, from one million visitors in 2015 to 1,200,000 tourists in 2016, with over 135,000 overnight stays.


The digitalisation of the territory – explained Marco Antoni from the company Copernico, which developed the App – is the new frontier towards which the horizons of tourism promotion are moving, as are those of company management, through the new Smart Specialisation and High-tech farming platforms”


Future, in particular that of oenology, was also the subject of discussion during the meeting with Heini Zachariassen, founder of Vivino, the world’s largest online wine market, featuring a community of 23 million users (over 2 million just in Italy) who use the application to scan and evaluate over 500,000 wines every day. Zachariassen, who took part in the Consortium’s 50th anniversary celebrations, traced a profile of the Brunello consumer as revealed by the use of his App: “Vivino stimulates the community of wine lovers to become familiar with and appreciate wonderful wines from all over the world. When I think of excellence in wine production, my mind immediately goes to Italy and to the unbelievable contribution made to the sector by the Brunello producers. Just like the Montalcino estates look towards the future, in the same way the Vivino community follows their next steps. After all, it is the consumers’ opinion that makes the future of wine”.


The “Brunello” App has plenty of growth potential. It will soon be supplemented with information that improve the level of knowledge of the local estates and with data and maps on the tourism aspect of the area, nature itineraries, food&wine tours and the cultural offer.


The App can be downloaded from Apple and Android stores and from the Consorzio del Brunello’s website.