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With vice-chairmen Giacomo Bartolommei, Stefano Cinelli and Riccardo Talenti 



For the new chairman, Brunello will increasingly become the symbol of Italy


Montalcino, 11 June 2019 - The Board of Directors of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino has chosen Fabrizio Bindocci as chairman for the term 2019-2021. The Board has also selected three vice-chairmen: Giacomo Bartolommei (age 28, Caprili winery), with responsibilities for financial statements; Stefano Cinelli (age 63, owner of Fattoria dei Barbi), head of the Committee on Institutional Relations, and Riccardo Talenti (age 40, owner of the Talenti winery), at the head of the Promotions Committee. Finally, Elisa Fanti of Tenuta Fanti has been chosen as head of the Technical Committee.


In 1976, at age 21, Fabrizio Bindocci began work with the Franceschi family's Il Poggione winery, one of the historic estates of the Brunello area, and in 1999 he assumed the role of general manager. Formerly he held office with the consortium as vice-chairman, during the first term of office of Filippo Fanti (1998-2000), and chairman from June 2012 to 2013 (following the resignation of Ezio Rivella for personal reasons) and for a renewed term to 2016. Since January 2018 he has also been chairman of the newly founded "Fondazione Territoriale Brunello di Montalcino" foundation.


For the next three years Bindocci will head a consortium that is itself an international leader in oenology. The year 2018 saw the production of 8 million bottles of Brunello and 4.5 million of Rosso, for a turnover amounting to 160 million euros. Exports are confirmed at 70% of total production, with the USA at the top of the list, followed by the European and Asian markets, Canada, and Central and South America.


Fabrizio opened his remarks as the new chairman stressing that "the incoming board has a strong mandate, confirmed by the presence of virtually all the best-known estates of the territory. Brunello has long been a high-profile brand, but we believe that the current moment calls for something more for this country. The intention of our wineries is to elevate Brunello as a symbol of the greatness of all Italian viticulture, and this will be our sole, core strategy under the current term. We're engaging in an ambitious project, aiming to unify quality, prestige, myth and an extraordinary group of winemakers to push all of Italian production to the summit of global renown. For us the time is ripe: Italian wine needs to grow, and Brunello intends to be a lead actor. For this reason, the current mandate demands that we establish an indissoluble union between producers, Consortium, and our own region ‒ the lifeblood of our production. We're acutely aware that the greatness of Brunello depends on complementarity between our large producers, among the most important players in the Italian system, and our smaller winemakers, representing the custodians of tradition and craftsmanship. By further cultivating this, in addition to its clear position as "manager of the appellation", the Consortium will increasingly assume the role of a "territorial development agency" and a true "catalyst of productive and promotional energies". The Consorzio del Brunello needs to rise to this role as a coalescing, unifying structure, so that it can better succeed at communicating the value of the “territorial” brand, responding to the needs of small and large companies, but also to the demands arriving from the political and institutional spheres. In a word, the term for the new frontier is "territorial promotion". For this reason, the Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino will also implement a series of events animating our region throughout the entire year, including the moments that until now have been "off-peak" for wine enthusiasts and tourists."

Finally, Bindocci concluded, "All this will be focused on young people".




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