Farinetti signs the celebratory tile of the 2013 vintage

Think local, act global: this is the wording on the celebratory tile of the 2013 vintage, signed by Eataly’s patron Oscar Farinetti and presented this morning in the entrancing new venue of Saint Agostino’s Church.

“I am very flattered that the Consortium thought of me to design the 2013 tile, I don’t deserve it – said Oscar Farinetti. However, I accepted for the fun of tackling such a creative task. I think Brunello is an excellence with a strong local identity, the product of a great autochthonous grape variety, distributed, enjoyed and admired worldwide. These are the products our country needs to rise again! So I thought of a winy tendril that links a local thought to a global action. Marketing gurus argue that we should “think global and act local”, but we should do exactly the opposite, especially in Italy. We should “think local and act global” because everywhere in Italy, it is sufficient to go into depth to discover expanses of history, culture, excellence and beauty. “Thinking local and acting global” is the most wonderful of strategies for wine and it is exactly what Brunello producers have achieved, making their product known to the world. The tile therefore suggests a positive message that celebrates a “small” but strategic Italian wine segment that has gained universal renown and acknowledgement. May this be of good omen for those who will know how to follow the lead”.

The collaboration with the famous Piedmontese brand, renowned for its shops and restaurants located worldwide, from New York to Istanbul and from Chicago to Tokyo, does not end with the celebratory tile added to the “Brunello calendar” posted on the external wall of the Montalcino Town Hall. On occasion of the 2014 edition of Benvenuto Brunello, the group has given life to an initiative in which Brunello takes the lead role at the Eataly restaurants in Italy: for an entire week, from 21st to 28th February, Brunello di Montalcino will be served by the glass at the Eataly restaurants in Florence, Rome, Turin, Pinerolo, Bari, Genoa and Bologna. Eataly was founded in 2004 in Alba, by initiative of Oscar Farinetti, with the intention of creating a space entirely dedicated to food, catering and eating didactics.

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