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For President Rivella “the current situation is good and the evolution of all the components point to an excellent maturity. The production could be lower than last year’s, valued at this time at a 10-15% decrease”.


Montalcino, 05 September 2011 – The harvest is to start early in the land of Brunello. According to the Consorzio del Vino Brunelo di Montalcino, that has for some days been carrying out the required tests on the vineyards to check the conditions of the grapes and to establish their degree of maturity, “the most favourable moment for harvesting the grapes should be 15 days earlier than normal – announced President Ezio Rivella. These are the indications of the pre-harvest stage that is constantly being monitored to establish the best moment for the harvest.
«At this moment the situation appears good – resumes President Rivella. The high temperatures contribute to the considerable increase in sugar content and in some cases the grapes are drying. However the low temperatures at night favour the evolution of all the components needed for an optimal maturity. In terms of quantity, the forecast is of a lower production compared to last year, valued currently at around 10-15%”.
The vegetative phases of the grapes developed very early and the advance was caused by high temperatures. Already by the beginning of April the vines had sprouted, which normally happens from the second third of this month onwards. The spring months of May and June were very rainy, with brief very hot and sunny periods. During July too there were many rainfalls that contributed to maintaining the vineyards in an excellent vegetative state. In August there was a siginificant thermal rise, which resulted in the rebalancing of the vegetative evolution of the grapes.
In the days following the middle of August, the harvests of the early Sant’Antimo grapes began and currently the muscat grapes are also being picked, that will become Moscadello di Montalcino (still, sparkling and late harvest).