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At the Benvenuto Brunello the preview of 3 five-star wines

Protagonists of the 2012 edition: Brunello di Montalcino 2007, Riserva 2006 and Rosso di Montalcino 2010, all of them vintages awarded maximum point. Meanwhile the great Tuscan red wine continues growing on national and international markets.


Montalcino, 23rd February 2012 - A 15 star event. Starting tomorrow with Benvenuto Brunello, the traditional appointment in which producers officially present the vintage that is about to be launched on the market and the previsions about the latest harvest. Sure enough this year the protagonists of the preview are 3 vintages each of which was awarded 5 stars, the maximum score given by the committee that evaluates every year the grade of the vintage.


This year Benvenuto Brunello is hosting true “stars” of national and international oenology – comments President of the Consorzio del Brunello Ezio Rivella. We are convinced that the results reached last year in terms of sales proceeds of a 10% increase over the preceding year, once again prove the strength of a territory able to trigger a new positive economic cycle showing a great capacity for self control.”


And indeed from an economic standpoint the sector recorded a turnover of 155,000,000 euros for the producing estates, with a 10% increase compared to the 140,000,000 of the preceding year. Of utmost significance the performance of the Rosso (with 4,500,000 bottles, as opposed to 3,200,000 in 2010), that goes to show once more the strength of a territory able to trigger yet again a positive economic cycle (increasing the bottles in the market with an upward price trend).


As for the “superstar” vintages celebrated in the 2012 edition of Benvenuto Brunello, we can only repeat what has already been underlined by critics and producers. For 2007 year everyone was unanimous in pronouncing the wine both elegant and structured, with good polyphenolic components and balanced acidity. This was thanks to high sugar content grapes with a maturity of phenolic components. While for the 2006 and 2010 vintages, the reviews were concordant: two of the best vintages ever. As far as the first one goes, suffice it to say that a 2006 Brunello obtained the 4th place in the world classification of the “Top 100” of the prestigious American review, The Wine Spectator, as well as several other awards among Italian guides (L’Espresso, Slow Wine, Veronelli, Duemilavini, Ars/Bibenda, Tre Bicchieri, Vinibuoni d’Italia, etc.). With regard to the second one, expert producers agree that the year 2010 showed extraordinary characteristics for the Sangiovese, both from an organoleptic point of view and because of the parameters of its composition, that - apart from an excellent level of alcoholic content and, in some cases, on the high side – presented total polyphenol values, anthocyans and high extracts rarely found in this variety.