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Many novelties for the 2012 edition of the preview of the famous Montalcino red wine 

Today and tomorrow at the Cloisters of Sant’Agostino the tasting of three five-star vintages: Brunello di Montalcino 2007, Riserva 2006 and Rosso di Montalcino 2010.


Montalcino, 24th February 2012 – Montalcino inaugurates Benvenuto Brunello 2012 and opens the celebrations of its great red wine with the preview presentation to the press, to experts and operators both national and international of the vintages about to be launched on the market: 2007 for Brunello, 2006 for Riserva and 2010 for Rosso.

Many are the novelties this year: to begin with a space entirely dedicated to the meeting between journalists and producers in the courtyard of Palazzo Pieri, connected to the Cloisters of Sant’Agostino where the tasting will be taking place at the “ core” of the whole event.

There will also be, for the first time within an oenological event, an interactive space where experts, operators and connoisseurs will be able to network among themselves and to exchange information, opinions, material, photos and videos. Every day 50 tweets will be uploaded on web news, at!/ConsBrunello, as well as updates on facebook profiles, images on Flickr, videos on youtube, newsletters in 3 languages, blog posts on the day’s subjects. Information, that will always be translated into 3 languages can be accessed directly from the Homepage of the Consorzio’s website (, that will function as port of access to all the multimedia contents available on line. The protagonists of this “social wine revolution”, of which Brunello is the pioneer, are the territory and its producers who will be the subject of interviews during the days of the event. Among the topics the future of Montalcino and its wines, tasting and evaluations, vineyards and wineries, wine figures (new ones and the great old ones, youth, women wine figures etc.), tourist trails of the territory apart from wine etc.

Within this year’s event great attention has been placed on solidarity: The design of the commemorative plaque of the 2011harvest was created by “Salvatore Ferragamo” designers griffe of the internationally renowned fashion house indissolubly linked to Montalcino by the property of the Castiglion del Bosco estate. The same design created for the plaque was reproduced on 6,000 T shirts and 500 sweat shirts that will be sold during the event at 20€ and 40€ respectively. The proceeds of the sale will be entirely used to finance the acquisition of a new ambulance for the Confraternita della Misericordia di Montalcino. Tomorrow morning, on the occasion of the assignation of the stars for the 2011 harvest, Giovanna Ferragamo will present the design created for the event.

At the centre of the Benvenuto Brunello remains the wine, true protagonist of the event. The day’s programme starts with the tasting of the 3 five-star vintages Brunello 2007, Riserva 2006 and Rosso 2010 at 9.30 at the Cloisters of the Museum. To-morrow, apart from the tastings, at 11 o’clock in the Teatro degli Astrusi the appointment is for the awarding of the stars for the 2011 harvest, the traditional affixing of the commemorative plaque of the year 2011, as always on the outside wall of the Palazzo Pubblico of Montalcino, and the assignation of the 2012 Leccio d’Oro Prizes, awarded as every year by the Consorzio to a restaurant or wine bar that has a Wine List with the widest and most representative range of Brunello and other Montalcino wines.