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The “Leccio d’Oro 2017” awards were also assigned to the restaurants Del Cambio in Turin and Era Ora in Copenhagen. As for the wine shops, the award was assigned to N’ Ombra de Vin in Milan and to A. Litteri in Washington D.C. Special awards for the Consortium’s 50th anniversary to Montalcino’s venues

Bruno Dalmazio (wine shops’ section) and Il Giglio (restaurants’ section)


Montalcino, 18 February 2017 – The prestigious Michelin Red Guide signs the celebratory tile for the 2016 vintage which, as decided by the panel of experts responsible for the evaluation, deserves the five stars.


Characterised by the red colour immediately recognisable throughout the world, the tile draws on the cover of the latest Italy guide, thus sealing a partnership that has been ongoing for some years now. A simple and effective design chosen by the “Red Guide” to underscore that the importance of the message lies in the sharing of common values. Indeed, just like the past editions of “Benvenuto Brunello”, aside from the aesthetic aspect, the signing of the “tile” has an even deeper symbolic meaning. In the case of Michelin, it is precisely the encounter between two entities that have chosen excellence to be their founding value.


According to the Communication Manager of Michelin Italia, Marco Do: “We accepted with great enthusiasm the invitation extended to us by the Consorzio del Brunello, because we believe there is a strong link between our two brands. We share the same mission, which is to guarantee the highest quality, always and in any event, because credibility and reputation are built precisely by being transparent and strict, adopting criteria and behaviours shared and acknowledged throughout the world. The same applies for our partnerships and publishing projects that we carry on. Our readers demand it, as well as wine lovers and enthusiasts. It is no accident that, for more than 60 years, Michelin has been the absolute reference point for the global food sector. The same can be said for Brunello, as it is one of the most well-known Italian wine brands at the international level”.


As underscored by the Chairman of the Consorzio del Brunello, Patrizio Cencioni, There is a common vision  that underlies our partnership, a collaboration based on excellence and quality that has been ongoing for some years now and allows us to attend Michelin events, both in Italy and abroad. Moreover, this year we are also developing new publishing initiatives tied to the 50th anniversary of the Consortium. Indeed, we firmly believe that in order to maintain and strengthen the visibility and importance of Brunello in the world, we need to associate ourselves with very high-profile partners. Michelin is absolutely one of the most authoritative names in our field”.


There is also some news about the Leccio d’Oro Award, the aim of which is to select and award the Restaurant and the Wine Shop, in the two categories “Italy” and “Abroad”, with the best Wine List or, in any event, with a wide, prestigious and representative range of Brunello and Montalcino wines. This edition featured a panel with additional members, and the Restaurants and Osterie categories, previously separated, were merged together. The 2017 awards were presented to the restaurants Del Cambio in Turin and Era Ora in Copenhagen. In the Wine Shops’ category, the award was given to N’ Ombra de Vin in Milan and to A. Litteri in Washington D.C.

Special prizes were awarded on the occasion of the Consortium’s 50th anniversary to Montalcino’s venues Bruno Dalmazio for the wine shops’ section and Il Giglio for the restaurants’ section.

As regards the Panel, the new entries are Enzo Vizzari, journalist and food&wine critic, Director of the Guides Area of Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso; Luca Martini, the world’s best sommelier in 2013 according to the WSA (Worldwide Sommelier Association) and founder of Sommelier Consulting, which also operates in the restaurants’ sector; Charlie Arturaola, sommelier and food&wine critic of international renown, who starred in the film entitled “The Duel of Wine”, released in 2016 in Italian movie theatres. The new panel members join Consortium’s Chairman Patrizio Cencioni, the members of the Executive Committee, Andrea Machetti, Tommaso Cortonesi and Riccardo Talenti and the experts Allan Bay, illustrious journalist in the food&wine sector and writer for the Corriere della Sera, for which he writes the "Vivi Milano" section; the food&wine expert and author of books on food for the U.S. market Faith Willinger, the Chairman of the Italian Sommelier Association (AIS) Antonello Maietta; and the Chairman of the “Gruppo del Gusto” of the Foreign Press in Italy, Alfredo Tesio.