Consorzio del Vino
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Seasonal trend: winter with average rainfall and a few snow episodes, compensating for the conspicuous water deficit. The year began with temperatures above the seasonal average, lasting until the end of February, a period in which there was a sharp drop in temperatures with snowfall throughout the territory; minimum temperatures close to -10°C. Weak snowfall and rain during March with minimum temperatures below 0° and maximums above 15° in the latter part of the month. April, the month in which bud break occurred, saw sporadic rainfall and minimum temperatures around 5°C, increasing suddenly from mid-month. In May, frequent and abundant rainfall accompanied by high temperatures allowed optimal vegetative development. Flowering began in the final phase of the month. Thanks to the high accumulation of soil moisture, the vines coped well with the high temperatures of June and July. Setting was completed throughout the area by the middle of June. A slight delay was noted in veraison, which began in the second half of July. August was characterised by weak, intermittent rains in the first three weeks and average temperatures of 25°C. A significant drop in temperature in the last days of the month, with lows occasionally falling below 12°C, led to scalar ripening beginning in the last days of August. During the first week of September there were a few rainy days with highs of 30°C. Reduced wetting of the clusters ensured good ripening. Rain showers and temperatures around 20°C from the second half of September prompted wineries to advance the start of the Sangiovese harvest in order to ensure a good health status for the product.
Product characteristics: the Sangiovese grapes were in good phytosanitary condition. The average berry weight was medium-high and the wines produced presented characteristics of greater elegance and finesse, with not too important structures but well-balanced tannins, well-present primary aromas and clear perfumes.
Number of stars: four

For Fabrizio Bindocci, Chairman of the Consorzio del Vino Brunello di Montalcino, "2018 is once again a classic vintage. The weather again brought mild temperatures, not too hot in comparison to recent years. The maturations were a bit longer, without heat peaks. The 2018 has acidity, elegance, well-constructed and persistent tannins, with a very fresh base fruit."